Moving ERP to the cloud doesn’t mean a world of pain Once upon a time, there was a joke that the only things you could rely on were death, taxes and ERP program failure. Things have changed a lot since then.  CIO Magazine noted that in 2015 only 58% of organizations rated their latest ERP project a success but that figure had grown to 88% by 2019. However, moving to the cloud and getting the
seven deadly sins of eCommerce
Virtually all retailers are now aware that an online buying experience is not only essential for growth, but also for survival. But time and again, too many suffer from the same basic pitfalls that stop their site from achieving its full potential. There are many elements to consider, but they often come down to the same basic elements, elements which retailers either ignore, or don’t get quite right. Take a look at the 7 deadly
5 good reasons why ecommerce is better in the cloud
More and more retailers are finding that the cloud is the best place to host their ecommerce solution. Whether you need to scale up or down at speed to cope with sudden fluctuations in traffic (and who doesn’t?), need to stay on top of digital security (as we all do) or crave the versatility of a solution that’s always available everywhere (however your customers want to access it), then ecommerce in the cloud is for
Benefits of the cloud

Benefits of the Cloud

Posted by martinrobson on  2019-04-18

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A dozen benefits of the cloud for corporations To many, it would appear that the benefits of moving to the cloud are self-evident. But while the pace of enterprises moving to the cloud is picking up, many are still dragging their feet, possibly concerned by short-term implications of initial cost and disruption. But from increased agility to improved security, improved scalability to long-term efficiencies and savings, there are plenty of good reasons to make the
SAP Deployment on Cloud
Many large organisations rely on SAP enterprise software to run their applications. But traditional on-premise deployment is both expensive to maintain and difficult to manage. New updates create migraines for IT managers and rarely function efficiently. SAP on cloud, on the other hand, is a demonstrably more cost-effective and efficient solution. Organisations are increasingly moving their SAP deployment to the cloud at an unprecedented rate, and here are some very good reasons why SAP is
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