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your SAP journey to the Cloud

SAP is at the heart of business operations for a large number of organisations worldwide. Many are now looking to the power, flexibility and scalability of the Cloud to get even more from their SAP investments. Runibex Technology is an independent Managed Services Provider for the Cloud with 20 years of experience in successful SAP migration and implementation programs.

Our SAP services allow you to remove the heavy management and maintenance costs of on- premises SAP implementations by letting us manage your day-to-day operations. You receive extremely secure, instantly scalable and highly available SAP capabilities on a predictable, monthly fee. We remove the complexity of Cloud-based SAP systems through one of the largest and most experienced skills in SAP, Hybris and HANA migration and management. In addition, our strategic relationship with Microsoft AZURE means you have the best experience of two worlds to deploy your SAP applications.

Why Runibex for SAP on AZURE?

We have created one of the most comprehensive SAP services portfolios to enable the seamless migration, modernisation and optimisation of SAP in the cloud. Uniquely, we are both Cloud and SAP experts. Our SAP consultancy has worked with large companies throughout Europe to maximise their SAP systems. Through this, we have unrivalled understanding of the business, technical and integration requirements of SAP implementations, which we’ve applied to our Cloud-based Managed Services. In addition, we bring specialist skills in hosting and managing ecommerce platforms in the Cloud, especially SAP Hybris.

Key benefits

• Full managed support through SAP product lifecycle
• Large skill base of SAP consultants and technicians Reduce complexity, cost and risk of your SAP implementation
• Complete service across SAP’s solutions set, including ERP, CRM, data analytics and commerce in the Cloud
• Performance, scalability and availability guaranteed by SLA
• Rapid and reliable migration in a matter of days or weeks
• Reduced costs of new deployments SAP by up to 50%
• Reduced operational costs of up to 60%
• Work with us: Highly experienced ISV Technology SAP partner who knows how to optimize software on cloud
• Monthly subscription pricing model



Utilising The Cutting-Edge Technology:




Modern problems require modern solutions. Businesses seeking to transform their critical SAP workloads to the cloud can benefit from it in many mays. The agility and flexibility provided by the cloud enables the high mobility of business resources needed to adjust to rapid changes in consumer and market demands. For your SAP workloads, the cloud promises faster transaction processes, easier management of your resources, high available and secure environments at any time and everywhere.

This is why Microsoft Azure is one of the best fits for your SAP workloads in the cloud. Not only does Azure harnesses the benefits of a cloud, but it also provides a high range of virtual machines for your changing needs including SAP certified virtual machines. Furthermore, Azure enables businesses to easily scale their volumes up or out in order to adjust to and support their fluxional SAP workloads.

Have a global reach with Azure which has its datacenters placed in 140 countries.

Integrate your Microsoft services such as Office 365 with Azure.

Strengthen your security on Azure, on-prem or both with Azure Security Center.

Benefit from Azure’s economic of scales which leads to long-term cost reductions of 30-50% annually.

Start your journey with a simple and quick Lift & Shift; then optimise your resources via re-platforming or refactoring.

Introduce Sysops and Devops to your IT processes; upgrade to x/4HANA; enhance your capabilities with SAP based big data analytics on Azure; employ AI. Re think your business at Azure speed. Think and actualise your business in as-a-service architecture.

We are partner and reseller of Microsoft Azure, and we're specialized in cloud transformation, managed services, monitoring, support and SAP on Azure. Are you ready to start your digital transformation with Azure?



Our services for SAP in the Cloud

We deliver cost-effective, high-quality, and industry-specific SAP solutions to meet your business needs within all key SAP solutions including SAP Hana, Cloud-based SAP industry solutions and SAP Systems Maintenance Management. Our core capabilities include:


The efficient planning and of your existing SAP environments to your chosen Cloud infrastructure, including database migrations to HANA.

Management and monitoring

End-to-end management and monitoring services throughout the SAP product lifecycle, include SAP technical monitoring, event and alert management, change request management, SAP system management and 7x24 support and monitoring.

System optimisation

Enhanced performance and continuous improvement through flexible allocation, system tuning and upgrading, and system and process automation.

Business continuity

A comprehensive range of backup and disaster recovery services drive more effective business continuity and higher availability for your critical IT systems

Cost optimisation

A consultancy-based service providing actions to ensure that you have the system performance and capacity you need while effectively controlling your costs. The service is charged through a predictable monthly fee.

Security and governance

We create and maintain a highly secure environment where you can scale and innovate your SAP systems with confidence. All our services are underpinned by policies and SLAs to ensure operational consistency.

Helping Customers for Manage SAP on CLOUD


Making the Cloud work for you

Putting the Cloud at the heart of your IT strategy delivers many business benefits. It makes you more efficient, reduces your costs, and provides the scalability and flexibility to meet changing business needs. You require a Cloud and Managed Services partner that will ensure you gain the maximum benefits from your Cloud investments. Runibex Technology is an independent Managed Services Provider that specialises in delivering tailored and personalised Cloud managed solutions.
The Cloud offers a powerful, resilient, scalable and secure platform on which to run your enterprise systems. Runibex Technology builds upon the power of the Cloud to deliver high performance, highly available Cloud solutions, backed by excellent consultancy and customer service. We have the breadth and depth of Cloud expertise to address every operational, technical and business aspect of Cloud computing. Our complete, end-to-end service covers the migration, management and optimisation of your Cloud systems.

Why Runibex for Cloud and managed

We work hard to ensure you always have the Cloud skills and knowledge; you need. That should be a given for any managed service provider. What sets us apart is our mission to provide practical solutions to the pressing business challenges you face today while continually innovating to ensure we’re ready for the challenges you’ll face tomorrow. We invest over 20% of our turnover into research and development so that you always have access to the latest Cloud-based solutions.

Key benefits

  • Low cost of adoption
  • Fast and reliable deployment
  • Flexible deployment on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other public Clouds
  • Flexible skills and resource allocation
  • Fast and flexibility scalability
  • Guaranteed high availability
  • Real time access to latest software releases
  • Comprehensive security and disaster recovery features
  • No maintenance or upgrades required
  • Specialist SAP and ecommerce in the Cloud Services
  • Monthly subscription pricing model
Infrastructure & Platform

Get the tools and relax!

By using controls, metrics and standards,Redibex allocates workloads to run efficiently and economically regardless of location, and without re-negotiating SLAs or contracts.

Simply put, we help you think differently about how your organisation consumes, governs and runs IT. You’ll have 24x7x365 support in forecasting costs, reducing complexity and maximising your entire technology portfolio.


Application meets cloud!

Redibex cloud management solutions optimize performance, reduce operating and support costs, improve service levels and efficiently maintain their application portfolios. Using methods and innovative tools, Redibex Managed Services provide real-time metrics to detect, diagnose, repair and report on IT environments.

Application Management

Functional Configuration, Performance Tuning, Capacity Planning & Resource Optimization

DB & App Administration

Technical Application Management (e.g. SAP Basis), Database Administration, System Tuning, Upgrades, Patches, Issue Resolution

VM & OS Administration

Active Directory/System/Security Admin, Installation, Upgrades, Patches, Monitoring

SAP on Cloud

Run SAP Applications in the Cloud!

Run SAP applications in the cloud more efficiently, more economically and more resiliently.
Our team members have extensive experience working with directly with SAP applications, so we can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP deployments to the cloud. So you can get increased performance, reduced costs, powerful security and proactive regulatory compliance reporting.

Performing Well!

SAP runs more efficiently than on traditional infrastructure. The results include drastically improved economics, application-level performance SLAs and sub-second response times.

Fully SAP Portfolio Coverage!

Redibex Managed Services cover the complete SAP portfolio—including ERP, CRM, Analytics, Virtual Appliance Factory (VAF), HANA and Business One in the cloud.

Fast and Simple Migration!

With our extensive portfolio of SAP and HANA migration services, we can help you seamlessly migrate your SAP instance.
By using Redibex Managed Services, ensure the success of your migration, and the resulting SAP deployments are faster (up to 50%), more cost effective (up to 60%), more resilient, elastic and secure, and easier to manage.