NGI Commerce Suite for Omni-Channel 

NGI Commerce solutions allow you to find new and more colours of life.

Next Generation Commerce on Cloud

NGI solution family has the new-commerce solutions you need.

NGI Commerce Suite allows you to increase your customers’ shopping experience in an unlimited way with technology, functionality and flexibility. Go live omnichannel very quickly.

Enterprise Integration Stability on Cloud

The difficulties of multiple systems compared to general systems will be a thing of the past.

NGI solutions use Biztalk for internal and external third party enterprise solutions.

Optimised Pickup Orchestration on Cloud

NGI CS orchestration gives you additional fulfillment functionality and traceability. It has an engine for determining the order pickup locations.

If you use stores as pickup locations, there is no need for any other in-store logistics or merchandising systems.

Order & Collect Service Hub on Cloud

You can open your systems to third-party brands, companies, and online stores.

NGI order&collect solution gives your customers freedom over payment and receiving methods, shopping channels and locations.

Other Solutions

for Perfect Experiences on Digital

Cloud Lookbook

Advanced Reach Services -Interactive Cloud Lookbook is also a perfect tool for marketers to display and sell products in a more fashionable way.

LookBook Micro Site

Image Recognition
Advanced Reach Services - Image Recognition - Your rapid way to add Image Recognition feature to your e-commerce platforms or apps.

Site will be ready soon

Voice for Experiences
Advanced Reach Services - Voice for Experiences - Customers can experience shopping, reservation or use any UI’s with voice, in any language!

Site will be ready soon