Founded in 1987, İstanbul Deniz Otobüsleri(IDO) is the largest ferry line operator carrying passengers and vehicles in Turkey and the fifth biggest in the world. IDO’s fleet serves 28 destinations in the Mediterranean and has the capacity to carry more than 30,000 people and 3,000 vehicles at any given time. To provide a consistent user experience and autoscale to support peak workloads, IDO turned to Runibex Technology Group, an advanced AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner. By migrating its SAP systems with Runibex, IDO saw a net sales increase of over 40 percent while also reducing overall IT costs. With Runibex, IDO delivers a better service for passengers and an easier journey, wherever they need to go.

Boyner Group is the largest publicly traded non-food and non-electronic retail group; including 7 group companies (Altınyıldız, A&Y Marka Magazacılık, Beymen, Boyner Büyük Magazacılık, BR Magazacılık, Hopi, Morhipo), hundreds of represented brands, 10.000 employees, over 20 million registered customers and over 500 stores. It serves in different retail formats ranging from luxury fashion brand stores, multi-story retailing, e-commerce to mobile trading. The Boyner Group, which leads the sector by offering a unique shopping experience to its millions of customers had a total turnover of $ 1,5 billion in the year 2018.

Digitals on AWS

Multichannel digital conversion program was initiated by the group. Because electronic commerce was growing rapidly, e-commerce infrastructures were chosen to ensure that stores were keeping pace with their customers. The project turns every retail business into a next-generation retailing concept where both web and mobile devices are actively used.

Hybris on AWS

IDO decided to use the SAP Hybris e-commerce platform to allow it to update its current ticket sales channels. Utilizing the correct and appropriate technology which Hybris would run on became a priority. Performance, reliability, high accessibility and security were the top KPI’s in the decision-making process.


SAP is utilised at Altunbilekler for key business functions such as Retail, Financial Reporting, Supply Chain Management, POS Data Management and Human Resources.
Full continuity of business cycles, daily operations and reporting chains were critical during migration.

Tourism on AWS

Detur states that cloud shift saved it lots of costs otherwise unavoidable. The company states that the flexibility and responsiveness of cloud is helping it to prepare for more growth. The low cost and simplicity of services provides a much faster provision cycle.The company is continually introducing new processes and integrations and in the search
of using available technologies.


KP acquired Farmamak and this way extended its operations to Turkey and added a sizable market to its extent in the international markets. Both companies were using SAP for their main ERP instance and in the following months, a project was delivered to merge Farmamak’s instance to KP’s instance.


The SAP instances mentioned are hosted on-premise. The internal requests form SAP users said they needed quick response times and high performance.
IDO expected to lower its CAPEX, shift to a more manageable OPEX model and while realising this, lower costs and increase performance.


SAP is utilised at Realcore for key business functions such as Retail, Financial Reporting, Supply Chain Management and POS Data Management. The company used to have its infrastructure hosted by a provider in Germany and their SAP systems are running on HANA.