Runibex Technology Group

Founded in 1988, Runibex Technology Group has been focusing on key corporate technological solutions to manage, solve and improve company’s business processes.

As a long-term partner, RTG enhances its capabilities for the success of its customers’ IT-based investments. RTG takes a holistic approach and focuses on developing IT solutions based on its customer’s short and long-term business strategies.

RTG is active in four core businesses: e-commerce, SAP consulting, cloud-based business analytics and cloud-based hosting services. Furthermore, RTG sustains its growth with new investments in information technology sector. With RTG company’s solutions, the customers have the confidence that is making right decisions on their businesses and sure of their business growth in several areas that are fully related with productivity and efficiency.

RTG is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and serves in London, UK.


Runibex Technology UK

Company’s expertise is in the field of business software, e-commerce, cloud hosting services and consulting about SAP AG products and services.

IQBender Technology

We provide analytic contents, metrics, and visuals that our users can readily use our services without needing initial setup and non-sustainable operating costs.

NGI Information Technology

NGI maintains its R&D activities by following the latest developments in the global e-commerce. By sharing its international experience NGI is helping its customers catch up with the cutting edge technologies in the world.

Redibex Information Technology

Redibex was founded in 2007, Company’s expertise is in the field of cloud hosting services and consulting about SAP AG products and services.